Changing Beliefs

I am always amazed about how Millennials think and behave. I caught myself another day thinking of what changed the most in me since I was their age and concluded it was all about beliefs. Below I tried to compile a quick list of the main changes I was able to name.

Change #1: I do not know exactly when it happened but at some point in time I stopped believing in predestination.

Change #2: I used to believe that good people always win. Now I believe that good people win more often and that it takes much more than just being good and honest to be successful.

Change #3: I used to believe that there is a reason for everything and that not seeing the particular reason of something was about my limitation as an ordinary human being. I now believe that too many things happen just by odds.

Change #4: I used to spend way too much time looking for reasons. I now spend way more time looking for solutions.

Change #5: I used to be proud and cocky about the knowledge I got from the books I had read. Now I am scared about all the knowledge that is in the books I have never read.

Change #6: I used to spend more time thinking about how to do things than about what things I should do. Now I spend most of the time selecting what worth doing and what doesn’t.

Change #7: I was obsessed about the meaning of happiness. Now I just do my best to be happy no matter what it means.

Change #8: I thought I didn’t care about what others thought of me and my acts. Now I became courageous to admit that I do care but I am more willing than average to ignore that when it is convenient to me.

Change #9: I used to pick my heroes based on their achievements. Now I pick my heroes based on what I can learn from them.

Change #10: I used to think that business required a lot of people due to its intrinsic complexity. Now I believe that business is a very simple matter which we usually make unnecessarily complex by bringing in too many dispassionate people.

Change #11: I used to pick my battles just with my intellectual integrity in mind. Now I put a second filter about my chances of winning them.

Change #12: I did believe that there was successful altruistic people in business. I am now totally convinced that altruistic people do not stay too long in business and quickly switch to alternative careers.

Change #13: I did believe in the power of ideas. I now believe in the power of how ideas are transmitted.

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